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Our human team is made up of expert Coaches who will accompany you and your team to work on the strategic vision and excellence in your organization.

Marta Anton
Leadership & Personal brand Expert
Executive &
Team Coach PCC-ORSCC
CEO Oris Talent


My purpose is to accompany people to discover and empower their talents, enhance their strengths and develop their competencies and skills, becoming the best version of themselves.

In 1988 I began my work experience in a Microbiology laboratory and later in a Pharmacy Office. In 1990 I became part of the Marketing – Sales department within the pharmaceutical & health sector supporting hospital sales reps with their calls and training doctors, pharmacists and nurses. Later I acquired experience in Leadership and Talent development managing Marketing and Sales teams of multinational companies in Europe (residing in Spain and Belgium).

In 2000 I spent two months in the ICU of the neonatal hospital, coaching my very premature son and with little chance of survival for 7 hours a day with the kangaroo method and with excellent results. He is in the University at the moment fully recovered.

In 2006 Oris Talent was born, oriented to the development of Talent, Consulting and Mentoring. In the period 2012 – 2018 I settled with the family in Dubai where I trained as an expert in Leadership and Coaching establishing Oris Talent EMEA (Europe and the Middle East) where I have the opportunity to work with more than 30 different nationalities and diverse cultures.


Bachelor of Pharmacy with honors from the University of Barcelona, Master in Marketing Management – EADA School (Barcelona), Coach PCC-ORSCC certified by ICF (International Coach Federation) and by CRR Global Systems Coaching (USA), Certified in Leadership by IESE (BCN), The Coaching Training Institute (USA – Dubai), The Enneagram in Business(USA) and in Neuroleadership (BCN), Practitioner in PNL (BCN). I speak Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German and Italian.

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