Marta Anton

Managing Director - Executive & Leadership Team Coach
Marta Anton
Marta Anton was born in Barcelona (Spain). She is Founder & CEO, Executive & Leadership Coach, Mentor, NLP Practitioner and Trainer at ORIS  TALENT. She is Member of the Advisory Board of the Regent International School In Dubai (UK Curriculum, Fortes Education).

Marta has a Bachelor´s Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Master Degree in Marketing and is currently studying a Bachelor´s Degree in Psychology. Marta started her career in Marketing & Key Account Management in US Pharma & Biotech companies (Amgen, Baxter, TERUMO BCT) where she worked for 15 years. In 2006 she started as a Consultant for top Pharma Companies in Sales, Marketing, Market Research and Training Programs. During these years Marta acquired experience in leading teams, dealing with customers and Executive Mentoring.

Marta is mother of 2 boys. The eldest was big premature and was 2 months in intensive care. She discovered coaching staying 7 hours / day with the kangaroo method which is a coaching method for premature babies which increases life expectancy with very positive results.

Marta has been living in Spain, Belgium and now in Dubai since 2012. She is focused in empowering people through customised Executive & Team Coaching and Workshops  in order to increase the Emotional Intelligence of the individuals and therefore their job satisfaction, excellence and fulfilment which leads to a better performance and higher profit for the company.

According to a study of The Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organisations, 77% of career success is due to Emotional Intelligence and Leadership skills, only 23% of success is due to IQ.

Marta speaks English, French, Spanish, Italian (conversation), Arabic (notions), Dutch (notions)